Dogs of the





Dogs of the Sunshine Coast are funky, brave, fashionable ... sometimes muddy, salty, wet and smelly.  At other times, they're pampered, groomed, have a belly full of treats and are hanging out in a doggy photography studio. They are loved, adored, admired and fun.  They bring smiles, giggles, cackles and jaw-drops into our worlds.  Dogs of the Sunshine Coast (and the world) are great listeners and often they "just know".  They are our treasured companions, little rascals, guard dogs, and fur babies.



This project is run by a friendly lady called Shirlz, (aka Swirltography).  I've been photographing many things professionally since 2007, all around the world.... weddings in New York, London, Stockholm, Cape Town;  Professional People Portraits in Scotland, New Zealand, etc.  Plus now quite a few restaurants in Noosa, etc.  In 2015 my inner world changed a little bit with being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune condition called RA, and I knew in order to be happy and healthy, I should spend regular amounts of time with awesome dogs.  Not only my own, called Rhoadz and Tripz, but many dogs! ... They are all humble givers of unconditional love and laughter! 

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Client Reviews

I decided to get some photos of our pooch as a surprise gift for my hubby, the photos came back and completely melted our hearts! Shirlz has a natural affinity with animals and totally captured our dog’s personality in her photos. Thank you for giving us such a special memento!
— Cassie Holt - Wish Ceremonies
Oh my gosh - thank you so much. I absolutely adore these photos, they are perfect! I can’t stop looking at them! They capture my dogs’ personalities perfectly. Thank you again!
— Tanya Kurtz