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Dogs of the sunshine coast

Dogs of the Sunshine Coast are funky, brave, fashionable ... sometimes muddy, salty, wet and smelly.  At other times, they're pampered, groomed, have a belly full of treats and are hanging out in a doggy photography studio.  They are loved, adored, admired and fun.  They bring smiles, giggles, cackles and jaw-drops into our worlds.  Dogs of the Sunshine Coast (and world) are great listeners and often they "just know".  They are our treasured companions, little rascals, guard dogs, and fur babies.

This project is run by a friendly lady called Shirlz, (aka Swirltography) and as I don't like writing in third person about myself I won't.  I've been photographing many things professionally since 2007, all around the world.  In 2015 my inner world changed a little bit with being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune condition, and I knew inorder to do something that makes me happy, I must spend regular amounts of time with awesome dogs.  Not only our own, Rhoadz and Tripz, but as many awesome dogs ... they are humble givers of unconditional love and laughter!

a dog photo of a staffy at sunset on the sunshine beach
Shirlz the dog photographer


My Services


dog photo shoot

These sessions are a lot of fun, and they are always relaxed - it is a great experience in itself.   They happen at the studio in Maroochydore,  or on location at your choice of places - your home, the beach, a park, a secret spot, anywhere really.  There's no hard sale afterwards, though you can purchase prints and wall-art if you wish too.

Daily Check-in

If you're away for a long amount of hours, and your pawsome dog isn't feeling love for being left alone, I'll go and check in with it, have a little chat about you coming back soon, curb any anxiety, and then we'll have some fun, run around the house, play ball, take a few photos and send them to you, etc.   


90 Min private walk

This will be around your local hood, always on a lead, one dog at a time, brisk and fun.  It'll exercise your dog mentally and physically, and then it'll get a belly run and feel all zen ... and you'll get some photos to make you smile.


MiNI sTUDIO Photo shoot

If you've just got a puppy, or that puppy has just turned one.  Or your dog is 17 years old and you want some gorgeous photos to remember it with, why not have a 60min shoot to celebrate your dog with some beautiful and cheerful art?



A free good pics to show off the personality of a good dog can go along way in finding it a new home.  Message me if I can help out :)

Dog Hugs and Hi-5's

Always given and received freely.

Shirlz is such a lovely relaxing person and her photography is aaa...maaaa....zziinngg! We had alot of fun at our fur kiddies photo shoot and the end result was perfect. If you are looking to get beautiful photos of your much loved pets you need to organize a photography session with Shirlz!!!
— Nicolette Washusen


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A French bulldog, Frenchie, puppy


Satisfied Customers




Shirley was FANTASTIC!!
She looked after our black labrador beautifully, he had so much fun with her that he didn’t want to leave.
We couldn’t recommend Shirley and Waz more. She gave us some amazing photos of Cooper to treasure forever! Thank you so much.
— Pip Oxley